Know about Australian Immigration to Settle in Australia

Australia is one of the top destinations for international migrants who are looking for a new global destination to migrate and to make a living comfortably. Australia has always been on the top of the list of countries which have attracted too many people from other countries in the name of settlement.

People migrate to Australia by getting visas issued by Australian Immigration and they apply for their visas to settle in Australia under various categories like:

  • Study visa
  • Work visa
  • Skilled Migration Program for skilled personnel
  • Permanent Residence
  • Working Holiday visa

The above are ways offered by Australian immigration for foreigners to Settle in Australia and gift themselves with wonderful lives in the coming times.

Australia has adopted a point based evaluation system for its immigrants to decide their eligibility to study, work and live in Australia. Factors like age, English language proficiency, occupation, financial stability, work experiences, academic qualifications are crucial in deciding an applicant’s eligibility to settle in Australia.

Australian Permanent Residence aka Australian PR is highly valued as it opens gateways for great future and promising lives for immigrants. The Australian Immigration has also relaxed the stringent policies it once used to follow to welcome great cultural difference into their society by enabling more number of foreign citizens to settle in Australia by giving them Permanent Residence grants.

  • Any international immigrant can apply for an Australian PR upon living in the country for 2 continuous years in a Specified Regional Area and made his/her living (even self-employed counts) for at least 1 continuous year at the latest in the same resident areas.
  • There is one more way for an Australian PR called Regional Sponsorship Migration Scheme which is altogether a different ball game.

Upon a successful and fulfilling stay as a Permanent Resident of Australia for a predefined number of years, a foreign national can apply for Australian Citizenship. However, it has a set of requirements to meet before a Permanent Resident is blessed with Australian Citizenship.

  • A foreign immigrant needs to have stayed for a minimum of 4 legal years in Australia by duly paying all the social taxes like a law abiding resident of the country.
  • The foreign immigrant applying for Australian Citizenship must be a Permanent Residence holder of Australia for at least 1 full year before applying for Australian Citizenship.
  • An applicant must not spend more than a year outside the country in the 4 required years for Australian Citizenship eligibility during assessment, upon which the citizenship cannot be granted.

By the briefing this piece has provided about Australian Immigration, PR and Citizenship, interested people are expected to know more by visiting an experienced visa and immigration consultant for Australia.

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