Skilled Immigration to Australia from India

Recalling the migration program, Australian government over to Melbourne has announced that they are going to increase the number of skilled immigrants, which has brought a great exciting feel to the people who have been looking for the best immigration place after a great downturn in the economic and other reforms.Australia Skilled Immigration

However, the government is scrutinizing every profile of the candidate that enrolls in the skilled immigration program just to unseat the low-skilled or scam visa grant, which have been recently coming into the government board light.

Extra spots that were added to a former overseas student, who is ready to migrate but just waiting for the approval decision can relive their grim, as this change is going to be a compliment said Bob Birrell, a Monash University researcher.

Since India is well-known as a source of skilled workforce and migrant students and it has been standing in the second top workforce source, the government has realized to increase the immigrant count. And finally have been targeting certain states in India. Associating several benefits to migrants in terms of security and economic future, the Australian government is trying to enhance the trade relationship with the country India.

People who fall into the general the Australia skilled immigration category and decide to migrate need to know the basic information about the skilled migration process. For example, according to Australian general skilled migration program, people who would like to either live or work in Australia need to meet the basic eligibility criteria, like:

  • Equivalent educational qualification
  • Language ability
  • Related work experience

Apart from the aforementioned points, there are various other requirements the government of Australia looks in before providing Australia visa. However with the introduction of the Skilled Migration Program, a few old stringent rules need to be fully satisfied. But getting through this program is not an easy task. The applicant shall have to follow the below mentioned procedure.

  • The applicant needs to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI), giving an introduction, ambition and personal interest
  • First, the applicant needs to submit their EOI online
  • Further to receiving an invitation message, the applicant needs to submit an Australian Visa application that is based on their EOI

As every week jobs are being advertised for the skilled workers, people who want to migrate to Australia is also increasing in numbers. So if you want a job for skilled immigrant positions, want to get a permanent residence on Australia skilled worker visas or just have some dependants then this is the right program to choose.